Xtender Radiator Fan Shroud 120 - LED BLUE

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TFC Xtender Radiator Shroud 120 - with 2 radial-beam LEDs
The TFC Xtender 120mm Radiator Shroud is designed to increase the air flow performance of a fan.
The XTENDERs tunnel principle holds the air during its rotation inside and improves the air flow through a radiator. The air can not escape and is forced towards the radiator. Directly behind the middle of the impeller is no airflow, also called as the dead spot. Air turbulence is needed to pick up the heat from the heat source. By using the XTENDER SHROUD the air turbulence is increased within this tunnel volume and fills in the dead spot, thus you gain more cooling performance for your radiator or cooling device.

Extreme Performance
Our newly developed technology and patented design brings you 10%-20% more cooling performance to your radiator/fan system. The newest technology and a cool design promise an outstanding product.
Noiseless - Silent Operation
By using this X-TENDER the air flow rate is increased and gives you the option to use fans at a lower speed by providing the same cooling power. The lower the speed, the lower the noise level.
Maximum System Compatibility
The X-TENDER is not only supposed to be used on any 120mm radiator but also on any other cooling devices which are using a 120 PC fan for cooling. We provide 4x M4 and 4x M3 screws for different kinds of applications.
LED Module - Color Solutions
A special gift is already included for all modders out there. A module with two 5mm round-beam LEDs gives you a perfect ambient glow! Keep your case unique and change the color to your liking to match any theme!
Two 5mm LEDs with round beam function - and 50,000 hour lifetime ...
Both LEDs always have the same color. This radial beam LEDs have an view angle of 170°. They have a service life of at least 50,000 hours. With a diameter of 5mm the LEDs fit into the Xtender's LED holes.

Wavelength: 630nm - Luminous intensity: 600mcd - Viewing angle: 170°
Sleeved Cable - Black isolated twin strand cable with a length of 35 cm ...
We dimensioned the cable length to 35 cm. With this length you should be able to reach any corner of a Big Tower. In addition, the cable is black isolated, so the cable itself is not visible in a dark surrounding inside the PC case.
Plug & Use - Easy Installation and Usage ...
Enough srews are provided to install the X-TENDER properly. You can place the shroud on any 120 fan cooling device. The position (vertical / horizontal) will not effect the cooling performance. The cable of the LED module is already fully soldered and can simply be installed with the 4-pin plug on the PC PSU. After connecting both LEDs are lit. We have decided us for the +12 V line, as the most power supplies have more resources on this power line at their disposal. We especially decided us for the 4-pin plug and not for the 3-Pin to continue the 3-pin supply from the motherboard keeps maintained and the speed signal for the further use is available.
Quality Control - Made in Germany ...
The Xtender Shrouds and LED Modules are manufactured and supervised in Germany in our production hall. All necessary components for this product are manufactured in Germany. Thus we always ensure a safe and optimal product.
- Increases the cooling performance of your rad/fan combination up to 20%
- Made out of stable PMMA material
- 2 LED mounts for all common 5mm LEDs
- TFC LED Module with 2 LEDs included
- Mounting screws M3/M4 for radiator and 120x120x25mm/120x120x38mm fan
- Xvibe 120 silicone pad included
- 3 years warranty
- Instruction / Installation manual
- Compatible with all available radiators with 120mm Fan applications

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 31 mm
Material: PMMA
Weight: 108 g
Included: 1 x Single Clear Acrylic Radiator Xtender
1 x Xvibe 120 mm Silicone Anti-Vibration Pad
1 x Dual LED Module with 4 Pin Power Connector
8 x M3 PVC Washers
8 x M4 PVC Washers
4 x M3 / 65mm Panhead Screws
4 x M3 / 80mm Panhead Screws
4 x M4 / 65mm Panhead Screws
4 x M4 / 80mm Panhead Screws

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