Sli + Crossfire Vid Connector Fitting - 1/2/3 Slot - G 1/4" - BLACK PLATED

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The TFC SLI VID CONNECTOR allows a clean, safe and convenient connection between multiple full-coverage VGA water-blocks. Due to the three different lengths of the delivered pipes the connector can be used for 1, 2 or 3 slot applications. The G1/4 threads allow the connection of different video card waterblocks. Of course the connector can also be misused, for example as a connection or bridge between a reservoir and a pump.

Fitting Threading: G 1/4"
Material: High Grade Brass
Compatibility: For use with G 1/4" threaded ports
SLOT/PIPE 1: Space between GPU Waterblocks from 18.8 to 30.2 mm
SLOT/PIPE 2: Space between GPU Waterblocks from 39.1 to 50.5 mm
SLOT/PIPE 3: Space between GPU Waterblocks from 59.4 to 70.8 mm

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