Silent Arrow HDD Noise & Shock Absorber - RED


Product Description

FC Silent Arrow - HDD Noise Absorber
The SILENT ARROW offers you the opportunity to reduce your HDD noise effectively. By using this special developed fixture you can discontact up to 2 HDDs from your case and reduce the noise which is mainly caused by vibrations. Furthermore the SILENT ARROW protects your HDD from hits and assists the heat exchange.

Plug & Use - Easy Installation and Usage ...
Use the Screws to fix the ARROW on each side of your HDD. For using the ARROW with only one HDD prefer the holes marked with HDD1. According to this use the other marked holes in order for the installation of more than one HDD.
You can mount the complete unit in an average 5.25” or 3.5” bay. The hole distance is identical to CD/DVD drives.

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