Feser H-Bridge - Thermal Compound


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Feser H-Bridge - Ceramic Heatpaste for CPU / GPU / NB / MOSFET
In the wake of our cooling development is a separate thermal compound in the name of H-Bridge. The layer between the cooler and the heat source should never be forgotten. Both surfaces look flat, but microscopic valleys are always present and thus never 100% contact is impossible to achieve. A thermal compound fills gaps and allows a transfer of heat over the entire surface. With 5g, the amount per tube is plenty for many applications.

Perfect Heat Transmission
With a thermal conductivity of 9.24W/m°C is a remarkable performer. The thermal paste is suitable for all types of coolers suitable: CPU, GPU, Chipset, voltage transformers, etc. The compound is suitable over a temperature range of -30 to +200 °C guaranteed.
Thermal Conductivity: 9.24W/m°C
Thermal Impedence: .087 U2/W
Specific Gravity: 2.5
Dielectric Constant A (100Hz): 5.1
Viscosity: No Flowing
Thixotropic Index: 380±10 / 10mm
Operation Temp: -50~240°C
Silicone Compounds: 50%
Carbon Compounds: 20%
Metal Oxide Compounds: 30%
Content Syringe: 5g

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