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Feser Aqua - The cleanest Source!
We have done it again with an even purer type of coolant, Feser Aqua which is a Bi-Distilled water (2 times distilled) and specially designed for todays PC watercooling market. If your seeking a pure non conductive coolant with no dye pigments to corrupt the solution then this is 100% what you have been looking for! Feser Aqua is the cleanest source on the market today.

Attention! Distilled, bidistilled, demineralized or deionized water does not replace the necessary corrosion protection, but serve for mixing with inhibitors like e.g. Feser Base. Feser Aqua can be mixed with Feser One or Feser View.
Additional Advantages - Fill or Re-Fill Batteries ...
Feser Aqua is 100 times less conductive than standard Distilled/Di-Ionised water.
Feser Aqua or FA for short was filtered through 2 different processes of destillation, hence the term Bi-Distilled! Feser Aqua has to first of all passed through the reverse osmosis system, and shortly after this into the downstreamed De-Ionized system. The PH-Value is 2.0 – 3.0 and lies in the acid ph-range. The water is totally germ-free thus avoiding bacteria, algas and microorganism growth within your system.
This Ultra Pure Water is free from salts, mineral debris, Ions, and water pollution.
Our Feser Aqua corresponds to following European regulations: VDE 0510 - DIN 57510 - DAB 10
Old car batteries for instance can be refilled with this pure water.
Micro Biological Prevention - Prevents algae and bacteria growth ...
There are many types of algae and also a few organisms that look like algae but are not algae at all, mostly some kinds of bacteria. Algae that is red or brown may indicate a water quality problem, such as high dissolved nitrate or phosphate levels in the water. Our liquids are low of nutrients, treated by filtration and sterilization methods that tremendously reduce and prevent the growth of microorganisms.
Quality Control - Made in Germany ...
The Liquids are manufactured and supervised in Germany in our production hall. All necessary components for the liquids are manufactured in Germany. We developed this liquids particularly for PC water cooling systems. The liquids are examined each month for its consistence and submitted of different long term test in cooling systems. Thus we always ensure a safe and optimal product.
Material Safety Data Sheet
We provide MSDSs for all our chemical products. This sheets are not only required for transportation purposes but also for properly handling. Please click on the Adobe Logo to download the MSDS in PDF format.
- Non Conductive / Conductivity < 0,1 µs/cm (20°c)
- Stable HDPE upright bottle
- Children Safety Cap
- Prevents algae growth within your water cooling system
- Compatible with all available PC liquid-cooling systems
- Unopened shelf life of 3 years maximum

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