Feser Tube Active UV Hose - 3/8" ID - 5/8" OD - UV BLUE
Feser Tube Active UV Hose - 3/8Feser Tube Active UV Hose - 3/8

Feser Tube Active UV Hose - 3/8" ID - 5/8" OD - UV BLUE

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Feser Tube - the perfect waterpath!
The Feser Active UV Hose is designed specifically for water cooling systems. Feser Tube is a high-quality tubing that is capable of tight bends with out any kinks in the tubing. The hose is made of a special Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) that makes it extra flexible and gives it an exceptionally smooth surface that doesn’t restrict liquid flow. Additionally, Feser Tube features a large internal cross section making it ideal for high pressure pumps as it creates less back pressure, not restricting the flow rate and improving the pump’s lifespan. The tubing features the distinctive “TFC – GERMANY” logo every 1000mm, which can be cut out if you don’t want to advertise the tube brand.
High Flexible Material - For good bendings and without kinks ...
Our priority for the tube was to improve the bending property. We accomplished this by using PVC material with a hardness of 65 Shore A. This result came up after many steps of bending and kink tests.
UV Reactive - And it glows ...
By the additive of different coloring materials the tube gets the appropriate color. The Feser Tube features UV active tracers that cause the tube to visibly glow when Ultraviolet (UV) light hits the material in the house.
A standard UV Cold Cathode (CCFL) tube or UV LED light works well with the hose.
Quality Control - Made in Germany ...
The tubes are manufactured and supervised in Germany. All necessary components for the tubes are manufactured in Germany. The tubes are examined each month for its consistence and submitted of different long term test in cooling systems. Thus we always ensure a safe and optimal product.
Material Safety Data Sheet
We provide MSDSs for all our chemical products. This sheets are not only required for transportation purposes but also for properly handling. Please click on the Adobe Logo to download the MSDS in PDF format.
- PVC (Polyvinylchlorid) Material
- UV reactive properties
- Good resistance to oil and grease
- Good dielectric characteristics
- Low flammability
- 5 years uv stable
- Smooth surfaces inside and outside
- TFC – GERMANY Logo applied every 1000 mm
- Highly flexible
Inner Diameter (ID): 3/8" - 9.56mm
Wall Thickness (WT): 1/8" - 3.18mm
Outer Diameter (OD): 5/8" - 15.85mm
Compatibility: All 3/8" ID tubing systems using barbs
Break Tension: 10MPa (100 bar)
Bending Radius Max (%): 420%
Minimum Working Temp: -30°C
Maximum Working Temp: +70°C
Hardness: 60 Shore A