Become a Reseller

Your Benefits

TFC developed and manufactured inovative products for years. We are represented with our products on the world market and one of the leading manufacturers in the range of PC-Liquidcooling. TFC grows and expands with it's resellers. We welcome every reseller who is interested in TFC products.

As commercial reseller you have multiple benefits at TFC. You receive special conditions, very quick handling of your order and honest information about the stock on the ordered items. In addition, we inform you about new products and are available 24hours a day.

If you want to register as commercial customer / reseller please send us a headed letter with your company details via email or fax. At the same time please crate an account at our webshop which we later on will switch to a reseller-account. Commercial customers from Europe must provide their sales tax ID to allow shipment without VAT. Your reseller-account will be unlocked as soon as your sales tax ID is checked by our customer support. Please enter the sales VAT ID during the registration process into the appropriate field. Please contact us via email if you encounter any questions or problems with our webshop.

For your registration as reseller we require:

1. Headed letter with company details (name, form of organization, address(es) (e.g. delivery and billing address), contact data, contact person, sales VAT ID via fax, mail or email.

2. Business registration / extract from the commerce registry (from civil law associations we require the trading license from every associate) via fax, email or mail.

Please send to:

As soon as all of the required information is at hand you will be contacted by a member of our distributional staff who will discuss further actions with you respectively take your order.


The first three orders usually have to be done by prepayment.
Customers ordering regularly and for larger sums can be provided a credit period by our factoring-bank.


If you still require any information up ahead or wish to make quick contact with our distribution team please feel free to use our contact form.