Original Equipment Manufacturer

What is OEM?

OEM is the abbreviation of original equipment manufacturer. TFC also develops, sources, produces, and delivers products that hit the market under the established brands of b2b customers. We thus guarantee a brand product "Made in Germany" with major components and consistent quality. Through our customer-oriented organization and development with a flexible hold production, we are able to respond to customer-specific problems. Through teamwork, from development to production, production results in short delivery times. The goods will therefore be quickly reproduced and delivered on time. We ensure through continuous market research and ongoing development of our products that our customers are well positioned for the future of the market. Through innovative ideas and a dedicated team, we are your reliable partner and create room for your ideas.
Feasibility Studies

Every OEM value creation chain starts with a feasibility study. In a creative dialogue with the customer TFC identifies all general conditions and demands – always in regard of the aimed at image, market, price policy and grade of innovation. Basically, everthing is possible.

Development and Sourcing

Once the general conditions are set, TFC finds the perfectly matching product solution: In many cases we can resort to already established, economic standard toolings. To meet individual demands, TFC initiates, coordinates and manages innovative developments as well. Thus, we can optimally and scalably accommodate any customer’s request.


To harmoniously integrate your products into your range, look and packaging have to match your corporate design. After all, customers need visual identification. If desired, TFC works hand in hand with your design department. If you do not dispose of an agency or the like, TFC can communicate the required services to the trustworthy and experienced hands of one of our partners.


As soon as all details of the product required are fixed, TFC initiates the production. All processes involved underlie a stringent quality management following the European ISO norms. This way TFC makes sure that the customer’s demands are fulfilled 100%.


For maximum efficiency, your products are packed and confectioned on location in the factory. Whether standard pouch, carton, or complex blisters – TFC flexibly reacts to any customer’s requirements. If desired, TFC can furthermore take care of the design of the packaging and the required manuals, including the compilation of technically profound content and its translation – needless to say that we attach great importance in following European quality standards.


Whether by ship or as urgent airfreight: TFC disposes of a smoothly working network of logistic partners to provide for all kinds of shipping. Ex-harbour from Germany straight into the shops of our customers – if necessary, TFC can even take care of the clearance and other official logistic matters.


To really make your new product shine at the point of sales, TFC can coordinate the design and production of effective POS material and measures with approved service partners. Whether presentations, posters, or even effectful displays featuring extra functionality: Concept, design, and production of sale-promoting measures are taking place in Europe exclusively. This grants for optimal flexibility teamed with highest quality and enables us to react to our customer’s marketing demands even at short notice.