Sealring (O-Ring) - G 1/4" - BLUE - 20 PCS SET

Sealring (O-Ring) - G 1/4" - BLUE - 20 PCS SET

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This O-ring serves as a spare part for all of our fittings.

Cooling liquids and electronics do not get along particularly well known. O-rings have quite a long shelf life, however they lose its elasticity over time and will get brittle.

With this set of many O-shaped seal rings can even extensive systems be retreaded. The inside diameter requires a use for 1/4 inch male thread. These represent the most common threads as standard, so that with few exceptions, almost all screw threads can be sealed.
Set contents: 20 pcs
Material: Rubber - NBR
Compatibility: For all G1/4" male threads