Company Profile

The TFC is established internationally operating company, which produces accessories for Personal Computer Enthusiasts and  develops hybrid technology for photovoltaics (solar energy) applications.

In 2006 company has started with production of  Feser One liquid coolants for  high-efficient computer liquid cooling systems. Company's R&D was focused on creation of liquid coolant solutions that slow down and prevent formation of deposits inside of liquid cooling systems, while maintaining its high heat transfer properties. 

After successful introduction of Feser One liquid coolants to enterprise and PC enthusiast market,  TFC has expanded into production of PVC tubing for computer liquid cooling systems.  In 2007 TFC was the first company to offer new color options such as White and UV Blue hose.

The TFC-Tube is manufactured strictly in Germany by highest quality standards unmatched by overseas manufactures.  Backed by the largest chemical industry in the world, TFC produces large variety of brilliant and long lasting UV colors, including proprietary UV Red with minimum orange hue reaction to UV light.

In 2008 TFC expanded into manufacturing of metal fittings to compliment its tube offering, followed by introduction of  TFC-Xchanger radiators in 2009. TFC was the first company who created and offered universal 120mm-140mm fan mounting on its MONSTA limited edition radiators.

In response to abundance of similar copies of the same radiator design and falling quality from overseas suppliers, TFC started in-house development of new international patent pending radiator system with aim to eliminate shortcomings of traditional radiator’s design in terms of reliability, usability  and performance.

First new radiator prototype was created in 2010, followed by multiple design changes throughout 2011.  First production of new radiator system code named ADMIRAL started late 2011, early 2012.

Admiral radiator will be manufactured in Germany to ensure quality control. With its new concept, cooling performance and quality, we will prove once again that TFC knows the craft.

To protect from unauthorized copies of new radiator design, TFC has patented all important elements internationally.

Quality Philosophy
TFC is very self-demanding in terms of quality. This applies equally to our products and our knowledge and expertise.

The production is conducted in our own manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control guarantees the reliability of our products. We ship our products to our customers only after careful consideration.

Environmental Responsibility
The environment and the maintenance of healthy living conditions are very important to us. The effective protection of our environment is not a meaningless statement, which is collected and used only for promotional purposes, it is practiced at TFC daily. We ensure that environmentally harmful substances that are already in circulation, are properly disposed or toxins completely disappear permanently from the production cycle. Also the careful handling of raw materials and their reuse is implemented consistently with TFC. Compliance with the various EU policies, laws, regulations and standards is essential for us and integral part of product selection.
ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
TFC will achieve and follow the obligations of the ROHS – guidance and in this context, the suppliers are contractually obligated to comply with the products and relevant requirements as well. TFC has set itself the goal to buy only products from manufacturers and suppliers who meet these demands. Of course, a manufacturer of PC accessories also needs individual components, assemblies, modules, etc., that must be ROHS-compliant to produce a ROHS-compliant electrical- or electronic device. In early 2007, TFC has begun to switch the whole assortment into ROHS-compliant devices for you. Thus we were able to offer you a variety of components, that met the requirements of the ROHS directives. The guarantee of these properties can only be supplied by the manufacturer.

Our statements and markings on ROHS are based on our current knowledge, we do not give any express or implied warranty, guarantee or other liability in relation with the use of the information contained on this page.