Innovation since 2008

New Product Development

Since its foundation in heart of Ruhr Region (Western Germany), TFC has developed into an international manufacturer and distribution company of PC accessories and custom solutions for photovoltaic (solar cells) hybrid technology. In 2006 the company has started producing liquid coolants for the needs of high-efficient liquid cooling systems. TFC R&D get it’s focused on the creation of liquid coolant solution which slows down and prevents formation of deposits inside of liquid cooling systems, while maintaining its heat transfer properties.
After the successful introduction of Feser One liquid coolants to PC enthusiast market, TFC has expanded to producing PVC tubing for computer liquid cooling systems. In 2007 TFC was the first company offering computer builders with new color options. The TFC-Tube was and still is manufactured in Germany by highest quality standards unmatched by overseas manufactures. Backed by the largest chemical industry in the world, TFC produces a large variety of brilliant and long lasting UV colors.
In 2008 TFC expanded into the manufacturing of metal fittings to compliment its tube product line, followed by the introduction of TFC-Xchanger radiators in 2009.
In response to abundance of similar copies of the same radiator design and falling quality of overseas suppliers, TFC started in-house development of a new radiator system with the aim to eliminate shortcomings of traditional radiator’s design.
The first new radiator prototype was created in 2010, followed by multiple design changes throughout 2011. The first production of the new radiator system code named ADMIRAL is staged by the end of 2012.

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